a streetlight outage

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1)  Determine if the streetlight is owned by the City of Simi Valley or Southern California Edison. See images below:

                                City-owned Streetlight                                                             SCE-owned StreetlightCIty Streetlight          Streetlight Pole SCE

2) When reporting a streetlight outage or issue, you will be asked to provide information including the nearest street address to the streetlight or the Pole Identification Number, and the issue (i.e. light is out, light is flickering, pole is knocked down).   Below is an example of a Pole Identification Number:

Streetlight Pole Identification

3) If the streetlight is owned by the City, report the outage to Tanko Lighting by calling  toll free 1 (800) 509-9358 or use  the online reporting  form by visiting the Tanko Lighting's website

4) Street light repair requests for poles owned by Southern California Edison can be made on the SCE web site  or by calling their toll free streetlight request number at 1 (800) 611-1911.

Street lighting is important to our community and we appreciate your efforts in reporting lights that need repair.