In the Spotlight

Did you know?
Simi Valley was
recognized by the
Dr. Phil show as a
leader in the nation
for its proactive efforts
to fight heroin addiction.
Visit the Task Force
Update Available
A status update on a
regional Wildlife Management
Program to address
coyote issues is now
on the update.
AAA Rating!
Simi Valley was recently
rated AAA by
Standard & Poors
for its financial
management efforts.
Read the news release.
Conserve Water!
Water-saving information
and resources are
available on the City's
website. We can help!
Visit the Water
Best City to Work In
The Los Angeles Daily News
reports that Simi Valley has
been voted a Best City to
Work In by a poll of the Los
Angeles News Group readers!
Read the news article.
Lowest Property
Crime Rate
in Pacific Region
In findings published
by Safeco, the
City of Simi Valley
has the lowest property
crime rate among midsize
cities in the Pacific region.
Review the findings
from Safeco.