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Simi Valley Town Center

There are many advantages to conducting business in Simi Valley. Attractive facility cost, a productive labor force, and a friendly atmosphere are just a few of the reasons why so many businesses make Simi Valley their home. Take a look at all that we have to offer, as we happen to think that you will agree that Simi Valley is a great place for your business!

Whether you are a new or an existing business owner here in Simi Valley, know of a business owner outside of or inside of Simi Valley thinking about relocating, or are simply in need of a little assistance, contact the City’s Business Experts referenced below.

Also, be sure to visit the City’s Business Resource Center to view all the resources you will need to open or expand your business here in Simi Valley. If you are just starting a business, check out the City’s Starting A New Business section for information regarding permit requirements.

Contact Information:

Brian Gabler, Director of Economic Development/Assistant City Manager

Linda Swan, Business and Development Advocate

Both Brian and Linda can be reached at (805) 583-6701.