How to Read Your Water Meter

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It's a good idea to become familiar with your water meter.  The meter measures the amount of water you have used.   Below is a picture of what your water meter looks like.  Located on the face of the meter is a red dial that spins when water is being used. Just beneath the red dial is the usage indicator, which looks very similar to the odometer on your vehicle.

Water Meter

How to Read Your Water Meter
You can take regular readings of your water meter to check how much water you are using. It is best to wear gloves anytime you check the water meter. Usually, the water meter is enclosed in a concrete box located near the street, between the curb and sidewalk. Remove the concrete cover carefully to avoid injury and damage to the lid, and then set it aside. Be careful to watch for insects, especially spiders. Write down the number showing on the meter, and then replace the meter box cover.

Read your meter again in approximately 30 days. To find out how many cubic feet of water has been used during that time period, subtract the first meter reading from the current reading. To find out how many gallons of water have been used, multiply the number of cubic feet by 7.48.

Checking for Leaks
To check for hidden leaks, such as a leaking sprinkler system, shut off all the water in your house and yard. Open the water meter box and look at the red dial, it should not be moving. If the dial is spinning you may have a leak. If you believe there is a leak, you should contact a competent plumber for further investigation.