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Water Wise Gardening

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Water Wise Gardening in Ventura County

Water wise gardening in ventura county

Ventura County features a semi-arid Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters. Fortunately, gardening enthusiasts can grow a large variety of different plant species in this favorable climate. While many different plants may grow well in Ventura County, once established, Mediterranean-type plants survive with little water and low humidity. Both California-native and Mediterranean species from around the globe are likely to do well here in Ventura County. Other species may require a significant amount of water to survive our long, dry summers.

The Water Wise Gardening in Ventura County website contains a majority of California native and Mediterranean type plants. This new interactive website features a searchable water wise plant database with photos, with the ability to create and print a customized plant list. All of the plants included in this website are low water using plants that will thrive anywhere in Ventura County. Included also in this website is brief reference to virtual tours of real water wise gardens located in Ventura County.

Water is one of our most precious resources. Lawns and gardens make up more than half the total water use of an average home. Studies have shown that many of our lawn and garden irrigation systems are poorly planned and/or have very inefficient watering schedules or need repairs. In the Water Wise Gardening in Ventura County website, you will find information on how to design and install a water-wise garden, irrigation methods and equipment that will help you to water your landscape more efficiently, and suggestions on how to easily and effectively maintain your garden.

Hopefully, the tips and suggestions offered will provide you with the tools necessary to create a beautiful landscape while saving water, time, and money.