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Water Conservation Program Frequently Asked Questions

Are mandatory water conservation measures in effect? 



Yes. In May 2016, the Governor extended the Drought Emergency Declaration through January 2017. In response to the Governor's Executive Order, the State Water Resources Control Board revised Emergency Water Conservation Regulations. Based on information provided by the Calleguas Municipal Water District, the City and Golden State Water Company were able to self-certify that there will be sufficient imported water supplies within the next three years. However, Simi Valley, all of Ventura County and most of Southern California remains in an "Exceptional Drought", the most severe level as measured by the U.S. Drought Monitor. In response, both local water purveyors have adopted irrigation restrictions which only allow watering on designated days. The State requires each purveyor to submit monthly water-use reports to track conservation compliance.

You can find the City/Waterworks District No. 8 Drought Fact Sheet of Emergency Water Conservation Mandates and Resources, including designated watering days for more information.

Is everyone in Simi Valley affected? 



Yes. The mandates affect all water users in Simi Valley, as well as surrounding communities. The City has two water purveyors: (1) the Golden State Water Company, and (2) the City/Waterworks District No. 8. Customers served by both of these water purveyors must comply with water conservation requirements. This site is intended to focus on the City/Waterworks customers. The Golden State Water Company customers may visit www.gswater.com for details regarding water service, however, some information related to Golden State Water Company is included here as well.


    How often may I water my yard?




    Simi Valley water customers  in both Districts may:

    • Irrigate no more than 3 days per week (April to October)
      • Even addresses may water only Monday, Thursday, and Saturday 
      • Odd addresses may water only Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday
    • Irrigate no more than 2 days per week (November to March)
      • Even addresses may water only Monday and Thursday
      • Odd addresses may water only Tuesday and Friday


    Will the City be reducing water use in their landscaped areas? 



    Yes. The City has reduced irrigation to three days per week. In addition, the City has deployed smart irrigation controllers and high efficiency sprinkler nozzles in many locations to irrigate only when most needed.



    The City has implemented other measures such as using low flow aerators on faucets throughout City buildings. Also, the City’s Public Services Center complex, including the Water Quality Control Plant and Transit Facility, uses recycled water for all landscape irrigation and many specific industrial processes where its use is safe and approved.



    Where can I report water wasting or water leaks?


    Water Waste:
    You may contact the City at WaterConservation@simivalley.org to report water waste in the community.


    Customers in the Golden State Water service area may contact Golden State at (800) 999-4033 to report water waste.



    Water Leak:
    To report a water leak that is in the street or "public right-of-way" please contact the City’s Customer Services staff at (805) 583-6736 for the most prompt response. Water leaks within the customer’s property are the responsibility of the customer to repair, and must be repaired within 3 days (72 hours).



    Will City Waterworks’ water supplies be rationed?


    No. There is no rationing that has been approved or discussed by any of the water supply agencies or regulatory agencies.



    How will City Waterworks’ water rates be affected?



    City Waterworks’ water rates are not yet affected by the drought, however, the drought does impact finances, and there is the potential for rate increases.  



    The Water Conservation section of this website will not provide all the information in regards to rates. Please refer back to www.simivalley.org for more on water rates.


    What is the City doing to find more water resources? 



    The City recently completed a 25 year Urban Water Management Plan as well as a Simi Valley Groundwater Basin Assessment. The Urban Water Management Plan includes the City's goal to expand its Recycled Water System to serve more customers. The City is increasing water production from its current Tapo Canyon groundwater wells site. The City has also expressed interest in obtaining treated groundwater from a local source (outside of the City) to supplement the current imported water resource. The Calleguas Municipal Water District, the City’s main supplier (they receive water from Metropolitan Water District and distribute it locally), is embarking on a new regional Water Master Plan, and they intend to explore many new opportunities for diversified water resources.



    Will there be a moratorium on developments?



    Currently, the City of Simi Valley is not considering instituting a moratorium; however, water use for new developments will be constrained. The City has conditioned land developments to minimize landscaping that requires irrigation, and to modify the irrigation systems installed at properties to be efficient and low usage. The State of California has updated the California Building Code and the Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance to require a landscape irrigation budget which limits the choices of irrigation systems for newly constructed developments to allow only efficient and low water use devices.