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Streetlight Acquisition Project/Streetlight Maintenance

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In November 2018, the City acquired 6,611 streetlights from Southern California Edison (SCE). 

With this acquisition, the City will convert the streetlights from high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures to light emitting diodes (LED) fixtures. This project will replace approximately 7,500 streetlights fixtures throughout Simi Valley. In contrast to the orange light that HPS fixtures emit, LED streetlight fixtures produce a cooler, more neutral-colored light which makes it easier to see colors. Simi Valley fixtures have a 3000 kelvin color temperature which provides a warm white light.

After the conversion is completed, it is estimated that the City will save approximately $685,000 in energy costs annually. In addition, the City will save an estimated 1.9 million kilowatt hour in energy per year.

There are approximately 300 street lights within the City that were not offered for sale by Southern California Edison and are still owned and maintained by SCE.  These lights are generally located on wooden poles connected to distribution lines and will need to be reported to Southern California Edison for repairs. Below are pictures of typical streetlight poles that are owned by the City and by SCE.

                      Streetlight Pole SCECIty Streetlight

The City has contracted with Tanko Lighting to maintain our streetlights.  To report a streetlight repair for a City of Simi Valley owned streetlight, please use the online reporting survey at the Tanko Lighting website  or by calling toll free 1-800-509-9358.

Street light repair requests for poles owned by Southern California Edison can be made by visiting the SCE web site  or by calling their toll free streetlight request number at 1-800-611-1911.

When reporting a streetlight outage or issue, you will be asked to provide information including the nearest street address to the streetlight or the Pole Identification Number, and the issue (i.e. light is out, light is flickering, pole is knocked down). 

Below is an example of a Pole Identification Number:

Streetlight Pole Identification 

 Street lighting is important to our community and we appreciate your efforts in reporting lights that need repair.