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Traffic Engineering

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Department of Public Works
Director: Ron Fuchiwaki

Location: 2929 Tapo Canyon Road
Simi Valley, CA 93063
(805) 583-6786

Traffic Engineering Division

The Traffic Engineering Division is comprised of two sections: Traffic Planning and Traffic Operations.

The Traffic Planning Section is responsible for reviewing development proposals and plans from a traffic engineering perspective. They are also responsible for maintaining the traffic model, which predicts future traffic volumes and needs in the City.

Madera RoadThe Traffic Operations Section handles the day-to-day current traffic needs of the City street system. Typical tasks include: operating, maintaining and upgrading the City's traffic signals; timing and synchronizing traffic signals; developing and reviewing construction (detour) plans; handling citizen requests for traffic controls such as traffic signals, stop signs, school signs, crosswalks, etc.; coordinating with schools and the Police Department on traffic issues; developing traffic signing, signal, and striping plans for City projects; and designing and constructing bicycle facilities such as bike paths, on-street bike lanes and routes. The City of Simi Valley Bicycle Master Plan is a valuable resource for cycling enthusiasts and is available as an Adobe Acrobat document.

Traffic SignalThe Traffic Engineering Division has also installed countdown pedestrian traffic signals at most signalized intersections throughout the City. Countdown pedestrian traffic signals display a timer when pedestrians are crossing the street (see picture). When pedestrians cross the street, a "countdown" will begin in conjunction with the "flashing hand". The countdown will inform the pedestrian how many seconds are left before the signal begins to change. The primary goal is to inform pedestrians and minimize the number of occasions they are in an intersection when the traffic signal begins to change.

For any questions regarding traffic engineering, please call (805) 583-6786. To report a traffic signal malfunction, please call the Police Department dispatch center at (805) 583-6950.