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Inspection Procedures

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Department of Environmental Services

Environmental Services Director: Stratis Perros

Location: 2929 Tapo Canyon Road
Simi Valley, CA 93063
(805) 583-6723

Building & Safety Division - Inspection Procedures

Inspection Request Phone (805) 583-6373

Inspection requests may be phoned in 24 hours a day to the City's voice mail system. Inspection requests received by 4:00 p.m. will be performed the following workday; inspections requested on Fridays after 4:00 p.m. will be conducted the following Tuesday.  All inspections must be called in to the inspection request line to receive an inspection; this includes re-inspections and special inspections.  You will be prompted by the voice mail system to leave the following information: The project address (spelling the street name); the permit number; the type of inspection you are requesting; and your name and phone number.  Inspectors may be reached in the office between 7:00 - 8:00 am and 4:00 - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, to discuss project problems or to arrange for a more precise time for the following workday, by using their direct phone number or by calling (805) 583-6723.

Inspection Procedures PhotoThe permit applicant is responsible for verifying that all work is complete and ready for inspection. Re-inspections will be conducted by request after all corrections have been made.

The following inspection sequence will provide you with a basic guideline as to when to call for an inspection.  The Building Inspector of record may allow deviation from standard inspection process if there is sufficient reason or site conditions that allow for an adjustment without causing adverse effects to the design of the building or structure.

FOUNDATION INSPECTION will be conducted after excavations for footings have been completed and all forms and reinforcing steel are in place.  All underground drain and waste plumbing must be in place with a 10-foot high water test.  All required anchors must be fixed in place prior to inspection approval.

CONCRETE SLAB INSPECTION will be conducted after grading is complete with the required vapor barrier, sand, and reinforcement installed per plans.  All piping and conduit items must be protected from contact with concrete.  This inspection must be performed and approved before placement of concrete.

ROOF AND WALL SHEATHING INSPECTION will be conducted after all roof sheathing is nailed per the approved plans and before any roofing materials have been applied or loaded on to the roof.  All plywood shear panels on exterior walls must also be nailed per the approved plans and inspected before being covered by exterior finish materials.

FRAME INSPECTION will be conducted after all framing has been completed and the roofing material has been loaded and completed.  All rough plumbing, fire sprinkler piping, mechanical, electrical, and water piping must be completely installed with all required tests.  Window and exterior doorframes must be in place and properly flashed.  Exterior lath nailing inspection can be done during the framing inspection or at a later time, but before the insulation inspection.

INSULATION INSPECTION will be made after all required insulation is in place, openings are caulked, and required sealing is completed.

DRYWALL NAILING INSPECTION will be done after all drywall and/or interior lath and attachments are fastened in place.  This inspection must be completed prior to the scratch coat application and before any drywall finishing is applied.  Exterior lath nailing inspection must be approved.

SEWER AND WATER SERVICE CONNECTION INSPECTION will be made after the approved piping is in place and the appropriate test is applied.  This inspection must be completed prior to any piping being covered.

FINAL INSPECTION will be made when the structure is ready to occupy.  The following list of items must be completed: lot drainage, address posted, plumbing fixtures connected and operable, electrical fixtures in place, insulation certificate posted, structure clean of debris and stored construction materials, and wall finishes completed as per approved plans.

Final inspection must be approved, and all required parties must sign the Application for Certificate of Occupancy (801 form) before any utilities will be released.  The 801 form is signed by the following: Ventura County Fire Protection District; Ventura County Environmental Health; Simi Valley Police Department; Administrative Services Department; Public Works Department – Sanitation/Environmental Compliance; Public Works Department – Inspection Division; and Planning Division.

NOTE:  The information provided is only a guide.  Projects may need more detailed inspections than are listed.  If you have questions concerning specific methods of construction, products, or inspections, please consult with the Building and Safety Division at (805) 583-6723.  A phone call to the Building and Safety Division could help you avoid the possibility of costly replacement of either defective or unapproved materials.