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Frequently Asked Questions for Commercial Recycling and Waste Services

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How do I initiate recycling service similar to my existing trash service?

Businesses with small amounts of recyclables and multifamily developments may choose to recycle through a commingled bin program, which allows the business to mix various types of recyclables into a single bin for regular collection. Since the cost of sorting the contents of such a bin generally exceeds the value of the recyclables, solid waste haulers charge to collect them. To initiate recycling collection service, contact your solid waste hauler Waste Management (805) 522-9400.

What are the commercial discard pick-up times?

Commercial discard collection occurs between 4:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Can I arrange for pick-up of my high-value recyclable materials such as metal and cardboard?

If you have sufficient volume of high-value recyclable materials, you may be able to arrange for free pick-up with a recycling service provider other than the City solid waste haulers. If you do not have sufficient volume for a free pick-up service, then you should contact your solid waste hauler to arrange for recycling services.

Can I take my recyclables to a recycling center?

Yes. By regularly self-hauling your recyclables to a recycling center or the Simi Valley Landfill and Recycling Center, you will be in compliance with AB 341’s requirements. If you are self-hauling or using a free recycling service other than your current solid waste hauler, you will be required to submit a Declaration of Compliance to demonstrate your compliance. Compliance is demonstrated through ongoing recycling activities. As part of the City’s monitoring responsibilities, you may be requested to provide documentation of your recycling program on an annual basis.

My current trash bin is in an enclosure, but there is not enough room for an additional bin. Can I place my bin next to the existing enclosure?

An enclosure is not required for developments built or modified prior to September 1, 1994, or if you generate less than one and one half cubic yards of recyclable materials to be collected per week and are utilizing another receptacle as an alternative to a one and one half cubic yard commercial bin. If your building was originally built or modified after September 1, 1994, enclosures for discard and recycle bins are required pursuant to the Simi Valley Municipal Code. If you need assistance to determine if a new or modified enclosure is required or have questions about the requirements related to the enclosure's size, location and design, please contact the Environmental Services Department’s Planning Division at (805) 583-6769.

If appropriate placement of your commercial bins cannot be accommodated, alternate levels of service may be available from your solid waste hauler or an alternate recycling program such as a self-haul or free pick-up program may be better suited to meet your needs. Your solid waste hauler provides free waste assessments and can assist you in identifying the appropriate service levels for your needs. Additionally, you may be able to modify your existing service levels to accommodate the placement of an additional bin in your existing enclosure. Free waste assessments are available by contacting Waste Management/G.I. Industries at (805) 955-4321. 

I own a unit in a multifamily residential development. Am I required to recycle?

If your development has five units or more and does not have an existing recycling program, you are subject to the State’s AB 341 recycling requirements. Individual carts for each unit or a shared commercial recycling bin are examples of recycling programs that satisfy the State’s requirements. 

I rent a unit in an apartment complex. Am I required to recycle?

If your apartment complex has five units or more and does not have an existing recycling program, your complex is subject to the State’s AB 341 and AB 1826 recycling requirements. Your property management office and/or property owner have been informed of the State’s requirements and may implement a recycling program for tenants.

Can I continue to dispose of my electronic waste through drop-off locations, donations to a community group, or by attending other community collection events?

Yes. The regular disposal or donation of computers or other electronic waste would qualify as a commercial recycling program; however, you are required to submit a Declaration of Compliance to document your program.

How do I document my compliance with AB 341 to the State?

The City is working with the local solid waste haulers to document those businesses that are already in compliance by subscribing to recycling services. Businesses that have other recycling programs such as self-hauling, free pick-up programs, or donation of recyclable materials are required to submit a Declaration of Compliance so that they can be noted as being in compliance. If you have any questions about whether or not your recycling efforts meet the State requirements you can obtain additional information at CalRecycle’s website. City staff is available to assist you with referrals to resources and can be reached at (805) 583-6412.

What happens if I do not implement a recycling program?

AB 341 requires cities to educate, conduct outreach, and monitor affected businesses and multifamily developments’ compliance with the State’s AB 341 recycling requirements. The City is also required to report this information to the State on an annual basis. Businesses that are not in compliance will continue to receive follow up notices and information.

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