Emergency Public Information Systems

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Accurate and timely public information is important to effectively manage a local emergency. The City utilizes a variety of methods to notify residents of critical emergency information including the Emergency Alert System, press conferences with media providers, hand delivered fliers, police notifications, and the City website.

Additionally, the City operates two additional technologies to push information out to affected residents. These include our AM radio station (AM 530) and an automated telephone notification system (commonly referred to as Reverse 9-1-1).

AM Radio

The City operates a low powered Highway Information System radio at 530 KHz on the AM radio dial. Residents should tune to this station in the event of a disaster or significant emergency to receive emergency information such as evacuation orders, evacuation routes, locations of shelters, important telephone numbers, incident updates and other information.

Give it a try today! When we aren’t experiencing emergencies, the 530 AM RADIO station broadcasts various community information.

Automated Telephone Notification System

Another exciting technology that the City uses to disseminate information is the Automated Telephone Notification System. This system allows the City to quickly call all of the landline telephone numbers in a specific part of the City. For example, if the City were to close a street in a neighborhood, we could select (on a map) those residents that would be affected and deliver a recorded message to both listed and non-listed telephone numbers in that area.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the City get my telephone number(s)?

AT&T provides the telephone data to the City. The data is secure and used only for City ordered community alerts.

Can I be removed from the call list?

You may request to be removed from the call list. Please contact the Office of Emergency Services for more information.

Can it call my cell phone?

The system is not currently programmed to call cellular phones.

I have a privacy guard on my phone. Will it call me anyway?

The system will attempt to call all selected numbers. If you have a service or feature that prevents unidentified calls, the call will not get through to you. The City uses the following ten digit caller ID: “8055836950.” Depending on your system you would have to permit this caller ID number to receive our alerts and messages.